About Us

SAY HI! Meet The Single Mum-turned-businesswoman Behind Genie Power.

In 2002, when Genie Power was first created, Gay worked at perfecting her product by testing continuously in her home and even on her own car!

During this time, Gay took on the challenges of leading the Research and Development of the Genie Power Concentrated Cleaning Formula. While the formula was devised in a professional lab, she was the driving force behind the development of Genie Power and was soon telling those guys in white coats which ingredients needed to be adjusted to meet her high quality and performance standards! After several months of constant trial, error and frustration (and a grey hair or two), and once it was proven without a doubt that the Genie Power Concentrated Cleaning Formula could out do competing products, Gay was satisfied. But that was only the beginning...

As any successful business owner will tell you, having a superior product is only one part of the puzzle. Gay was also juggling multiple aspects of the business, like creating a logo (it looks easy once you see it – it took countless of hours to get it right!), designing labels and brochures and setting up the new business’s administration, not to mention the handling critical role of Quality Assurance Officer. Phew! That was an awful lot for a busy mother with a teenage daughter to achieve in a such short time. But, she was determined and, of course, the rest is history.

At the end of the initial quality control and comparison tests, Gay knew she was onto a winner and the Genie Power Concentrated Cleaning Formula was launched. It was an immediate hit!

In 2002, Gay's vision was (and still is) to develop and manufacture the best all-in-one cleaning solution for households and businesses in Australia.

In November 2005, Gay gave birth to another beautiful girl, which added to the challenge of running the business. When her youngest daughter was 2 years old, she found out her daughter was autistic and the challenges grew even more.

In early 2009, life presented Gay with some additional challenges  and she suddenly found herself having to run the business AND look after her autistic daughter on her own without any financial support from her former partner.

Even with these new trials in her life, throughout the following years, Gay streamlined the business and continued to take advantage of advances in technology. She is known to her family and friends as being ”just a little fussy” which though it can be frustrating at times for her family and friends, Gay’s fussiness is the Number One reason why Genie Power products are so superior and popular!

In 2011 Gay decided to expand the range of products on offer to meet the new needs expressed by her customers, so the business expanded once again with the introduction of the online shop and the brand new Genie Power website.

GP Amazing Products is an Australian customer-focused, quality-driven company which always strives to ensure its customers get the best cleaning solutions at an extremely competitive price...or less!

That’s the Genie Power difference!