CLEAN n' KILL - Eucalyptus

We Help Food Preparation Businesses Meet Australia’s Strict Health and Hygiene Standards, Cost-Effectively!

WHAT IF a single cleaning product could clean and kill Bacteria at the same time? our "Clean ‘n Kill - Eucalyptus” Cleaner is that amazing product!

First, it’s a powerful, concentrated all-in-one anti-bacterial cleaner that makes cleaning and removing oils, grease, grime, mould and other dirt quick and easy.

Second, it contains a built in anti-bacterial ingredient that kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella, Sthapyloccocus – those ugly critters that can cause food poisoning or food illness that could create some big headaches for you or your business!

Take note : If you own a business in the food industry and have food prep areas to clean and sanitise if you choose the "Natural" formula it meets the requirements for a Sanitiser under the Australian Food Safety Standards because "Clean ‘n Kill - Natural” contains no colours or fragrance. So there is no need for a separate sanitiser anymore with this powerful product, so businesses can clean and sanatise faster, also will keep your Health Inspector happy!

Clean n' Kill Cleaner comes in two varieties - Eucalyptus with (fragrance and colour added) and  Natural with (no fragrance or colour added).

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5 Litre - Single Clean n' Kill - Eucalyptus
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15 Litre - Single Clean n' Kill - Eucalyptus
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