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A Great Deal For Larger Small Businesses or Families Wanting To Share!

If you have enough micro fibre cloths that make cleaning with our "Original Formula" Cleaner even easier and if you already have some of the special colour-coded spray bottles scattered around your business or in the laundry, under the kitchen sink, in the garage and in the toilet  and you just want some more 5 Litre bottles of  "Original Formula" but at a better price, look no further!

15 Litres of "Original Formula" can last the a larger small business up to 12 months.

Remember, "Original Formula" is super-concentrated and is mixed with water before use!

With our "Original Formula" You Can Clean Faster, Easier, Better...And Safer!

Super concentrated
All-in-one cleaner
Based on mineral ingredients
Environmentally friendly
Fresh eucalyptus scent

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You Will Be Amazed At What "Original Formula" Can Clean!

“Original Formula” Cleaner cleans and refreshes removing tough dirt, stains and grime from almost any surface, in the:

Bathroom, Toilet & Laundry
Other Inside Areas
Outside Areas
Cars and Motorbikes

It Is Easy To Clean With Genie Power "Original Formula"!

Our "Basic Cleaning Guide" tells you how to clean most surfaces and it is FREE! (Check out the "You May Also Like" section under the "Add To Cart" button below to order this.)

This website also has a whole section with detailed cleaning instructions for many cleaning jobs!

When It Comes To Multi-Purpose Cleaners, Sometimes A Little Bigger Is Better!

Original Formula Cleaner "Buy 3 - 5 Litre Bottle" Deal is popular with:

  • Bars
  • Bus Depots
  • Cafes (larger)
  • Car Detailers (smaller)
  • Equipment Hire Companies
  • Hotels (smaller)
  • Mechanics
  • Motels (smaller - 5 rooms or less)
  • Pubs (smaller)
  • Restaurants (smaller)
  • Service Stations
  • Supermarkets (smaller)
  • Tyre Fitters
  • Wreckers Yards

Buy This Product And Get:

  • Three 5 Litre bottles of "Original Formula" Cleaner

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