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Spa Time Should Be Fun Time, Not "Eeek!" Time!

You know that spa tubs are a luxurious addition to your bath space, and perfect for when you or your guests need to wind down after a rough day. So you don't want anyone's spa fun spoiled with nasty looking bits and specks that come floating to the surface!

Like any other type of tub, your spa bath needs to be cleaned daily, weekly or bi-weekly depending on the amount of use the tub receives. Cleaning is even more important with this type of bathtub because dirt and residue settle inside of the tub jets.

Spa baths can become contaminated with infectious drug-resistant bacteria you cant see or remove. The piped circulation systems incorporate mazes of water and air piping where dirty water gets trapped after each use - well over one cup for typical systems. Youve seen the dirty residue on your tubs surface after bathing, imagine layer upon layer of that residue hidden deep inside the pipes where you can't get to it!

Dr Rita Moyes a PhD Microbiologist at Texas ANM University recently found infectious bacteria in 100% of pipes tested from homes and hotels throughout the United States. Among the harmful microorganisms were ecoli, staph, legionella and pseudomonis.

Fortunately, cleaning the inside of your air tub’s elaborate collection of pipes, jets, and nozzles is really straightforward and easy using Spa-Clean!

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