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We run the Coachhouse Marina Resort in Bateman's Bay. One of the first things I noticed when I started checking the rooms after they had been cleaned was the smell of bleach in the bathrooms. This is one of my pet hates - you know the room is clean, but the smell lingers. I also found we were also using a host of different cleaning chemicals - one for every job. Jayne and I had used Genie Power at a Holiday Park we managed in the past – we were more than happy with the results - so I have made it my mission to introduce it here at the Coachhouse Marina Resort. I knew if they tried it, they would love it. I was right! Now they are using it for windows, glass, mirrors and general cleaning. Over the next few months, we will be introducing Genie Power into all areas of the resort for cleaning. I am sure that even the bleach will disappear. Genie Power is a great cleaner and our staff will save time with less chemicals to swap between, and they already love Genie Power. We all work faster when we enjoy what we are doing. I think our guests will be happier walking into a room that doesn't smell of various chemical cleaners. Cutting down on the different chemicals we used to buy also saves us time and money. Regards.