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My husband and I own and operate a 17 room motel in North East Victoria. Within the first couple of weeks of taking on this new adventure, we heard about "Genie Power". We were both very green when it came to commercial cleaning products, we were not sure of which was the best product to use because as you would expect we wanted everything to be just right and perfectly clean and when everyone tells your that there product is the best on the market you can get very confused. We were very unsure whether or not to purchse some Genie Power, not just because of the cost, but also because we already had stock of other commercial cleaners. We went ahead and purchased x litre bottles... and we are so glad we did... Needless to say it is the best cleaning product we have ever used. We use it to clean everything - it is just brilliant. It's magic in the kitchen it gets rid of any trace of fat, you can't beat it as a carpet cleaner for those greasy spots, lipstick, blood or anything at all really. We also use it as a pre wash stain remover for all types of clothes and of course the motel linen; and it's great to get those messy bugs of the windscreen of the car. It's fantastic in the shower to get rid of mould and soap scum. We really couldn't be without it at all; we use it daily for anything and everything that needs cleaning....Regards