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Canopies & Filters (Commercial Kitchens)

Canopies & Filters (Commercial Kitchens)

Cleaning grease off canopies and filters is so easy for Genie Power!

It is pretty amazing to watch and I love cleaning the filters. It is so easy and they look brand new in no time!

Cleaning Greasy Canopies

Use: Medium (Blue) strength

  1. Spray closely onto greasy canopies
  2. Wipe grease away with your warm dampened blue micro fibre cloth
  3. You can wipe over with fresh warm water after cleaning if you prefer

Also, you can finish off with our Window Wizard micro fibre cloth if you want that perfect finished “look”

Cleaning Filters

Use: Heavy (Red) Strength

  1. Remove filters
  2. Put into trough and spray filter liberally
  3. Let sit approx 1-2 minutes
  4. Scrub over with a dish brush
  5. Rinse with very warm water


This method is for very bad build up of fat and grime but works a treat!

Use: Straight from the 5 Litre bottle of Genie Power Concentrate (undiluted)

  1. Remove filters
  2. Put plug in trough
  3. Get the hot water running
  4. Immerse the filter
  5. Turn off the Tap
  6. Pump in approx 3-6 pumps of Genie Power (90ml to 180ml) depending on the size and depth of the hot water
  7. Leave to soak approx 20 minutes
  8. Scrub with a brush
  9. Rinse well with very warm water
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