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We first came across Genie Power about 10 years ago. It’s the only cleaning fluid that we use. We use it on the pie warmers, shelving, benches, floors, walls, toilets, the bowsers and hoses and everything in the work shop too. The same goes for home, it’s even a marvellous laundry pre-spray, as it gets oil and grease off our work clothes fabrics too. Everything that can be cleaned gets cleaned with Genie Power. I wouldn’t be buying it all this time if it wasn’t good, it’s as simple as that! Our mechanic cleans his boots with Genie Power every morning as soon as he arrives, and at the end of the day he even sprays all the greasy spots on his work clothes and puts them in the washing machine when he gets home. They come out of the wash good as new. It’s just marvellous. Using Genie Power in our business stops all the confusion because theres only one product to clean everything. It also works out much cheaper and smells great. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you Philip and Robyn