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The Best Natural Cleaning Products In Australia

The Original Eucalyptus Cleaner and Best Eucy power Cleaning Products in Australia.

With well over a decade's experience in the cleaning chemicals industry, we have a wealth of reliable expertise to provide you with a wide range of high quality, environmentally friendly and extremely cost effective cleaning products.

We distribute throughout Australia.

We specialise in using our excellent knowledge for over 18 years to give you the precise product and service that you require, and we are able to tailor our service to meet your needs. We are best described as a company that sources the high end quality raw ingredients that other companies are not prepared to pay for  to its manufacturing and laboratory arm in order to concentrate on delivering exactly what our customers require.

In this changing economy, we understand the importance of value for money, and will strive to achieve value for money for each of our consumers.
Our products cater for almost all cleaning situations including odour control, washrooms, catering, floors and carpets, animal care and other specialist products.