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I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful your Genie Power product is. We have a commercial kitchen designed by someone who has probably never cleaned in his or her life and before we started using Genie it was a nightmare. Now Genie Power has replaced a myriad of other cleaning products (some quite toxic) and does the job brilliantly. From the grease in the overhead canopy to the fat runs down the side of the fryer it puts the elbow in elbow grease! We use it for workbenches, pantry and coldroom, walls & ceilings as well as the combi-oven, stove top, flash-grill and canopy filters. The front of the house staff use a very mild mix for the tables which in a quick wipe cleans and refreshes ready for the next diners. Not the cheapest product but certainly the best. Providing the correct measures are mixed it actually ends up being extremely economical. Totally safe to use around food benches and utensils, it truly is magic. Thank you again, and feel free to use this letter as a reference if someone is not convinced to try Genie.