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I run the the Jacob Drive Minding Centre in Rowville, which provides long day care for children up to school age. We also have the fun job of cleaning up after all the kids! A mother of one our children mentioned that she used Genie Power and told me how great it was at cleaning, so I ordered the free sample bottle on the website, and was amazed at the way it cleaned the shower, toilets, floors and the kitchen. Then my husband, who is fanatical about keeping our cars and garage spotlessly clean, pinched the sample bottle and wouldn’t give it back after he started using it – especially on his mag wheels. I decided to order some for both of us to use at home and to start using it at the child minding centre. I really liked the starter packs because they come with all the spray bottles and the pump to use with the heavier containers which is better for my staff. My husband thought it was Christmas! My staff think it’s wonderful and amazing too. We are using Genie Power on the children’s tables and chairs, the bench tops and toilets. But we are still learning what all the other jobs we can use it for are. We especially love the fact that it is not caustic and has a pleasant eucalyptus smell which is so much better than that awful mix of fragrances that used to linger in the centre after we cleaned. Using Genie Power is going to work out so much cheaper than all the other cleaning products that we used before because we only have to use just a little mixed with water. We think it does a better job than the other cleaners too. Love it! Regards