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Stainless Steel Fryers (Commercial Kitchens)

Stainless Steel Fryers (Commercial Kitchens)

Grease and Oil on your fryers? Use Genie Power!

We supply Genie Power to Fish & Chip shops, Take-Aways, Red Roosters and Restaurants all over Australia. They just can’t live without it! Because they have to keep up such a spotless clean standard, at the end of their working day they love that it’s not such a big chore any more. Cleaning with Genie Power is quick and easy and it works brilliantly.

We even get calls from owners of new restaurants saying either that their head chef or their cleaners have said they want Genie Power because they have used it before and don’t want any of the other cleaners!

Cleaning the Outside of Stainless Steel Fryers

Use: Medium (Blue) strength

  1. Spray closely onto  the outside of fryers
  2. Wipe the grease away with a warm dampened micro fibre cloth
  3. Wipe over with fresh warm water after cleaning
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