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Cleaning toilets is a breeze with Genie Power!

It also leaves a lovely clean and pleasant smell afterwards unlike bleach and other toxic smelling chemicals!

Seat, Cistern and Around The Bowl

Use: Medium (Blue) strength

  1. Spray directly onto surface
  2. Wipe over with a warm dampened micro fibre cloth


For Inside The Bowl

Use: Medium (Blue) strength or Heavy (Red) strength

  1. Spray all around the bowl
  2. Use toilet brush to clean
  3. Flush

If the bottom of the bowl is very discoloured you can:

  1. Pump in 1-2 pumps of Genie Power Concentrate into the bowl (30 to 60 ml) and leave to soak for 1 to 5 minutes or even overnight if you prefer
  2. Clean with toilet brush
  3. Flush
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