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FAQ - Genie Power vs Copy Cats

What is the difference between Genie Power and the "Copy Cats" out there?

We are the original Genie Power - the name and the brand you know and can trust.

We give you an unbeatable price, with environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We run regular special deals and giveaways so you get even more value out of shopping with us.


We are open for orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We think customer are our most important business asset.

We have flexible payment methods and terms to suit your business and cash flow - no need to hand over the cash or the cheque straight away.

We keep you informed of the latest tips for using our Genie Power cleaning products.

We won't drop in by surprise to disrupt your busy working day. You decide if and when you want to order more Genie Power products.

We don't need slick snake oil salesman tactics to convince you to buy Genie Power cleaning products.You already know Genie Power has the best cleaning products.

We won't pressure you to buy a huge amount of Genie Power cleaning products that might last you years and mean you might miss out on future price reductions, monthly specials and prizes!