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Bathroom Walls

Bathroom Walls

Genie Power Kills Sugar Soap when it comes to cleaning mould and grime off bathroom walls!

Remove mould and grime off bathroom walls with no scrubbing! Genie Power is also great for preparation before re-painting.

Use: Light (Green) strength with your green microfibre cloth, or if very mouldy the Medium (Blue) strength with your blue microfibre cloth

  1. Spray over area to be cleaned
  2. With a warm dampened micro fibre cloth, simply wipe the mould and grime off

Use: Straight from the 5 Litre bottle of Genie Power Concentrate (undiluted)

  1. Put very warm water into a bucket (approx 4 Litres)
  2. Pump 1-2 times using the dispenser pump into the bucket (1 pump = 30 ml)
  3. Use your blue micro fibre cloth to simply wipe off the mould and grime
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