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"Foaminator" - FOR Original & The Clean n' Kill Range

"Foaminator" - FOR Original & The Clean n' Kill Range

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AT LAST! A Solution to Vertical Cleaning!

Spray Bottles are sold empty.

The brand new Genie Power "Foaminator" Spray Bottle makes cleaning vertical surfaces like walls, shower screens, mirrors, toilet bowls and bathtubs quick and easy.

It works so well that all you have to do is spray and rinse to remove things like soap scum..

THAT’S RIGHT – just spray and rinse, that’s it!

Unlike other spray cleaners, this amazing cleaner won’t run off vertical surfaces fast. Its patented new technology creates a foam that “clings” to vertical surfaces, allowing Genie Power to perform its magic and remove soap scum without scrubbing.  Mould, mildew and toilet stains also require less scrubbing and wiping!  

Just spray, wait and rinse off!

Now that’s the Genie Power difference: Better product. Better value. Less cleaning!