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Kitchen Sinks & Basins

Kitchen Sinks & Basins

Keep your sinks and basins shiny clean quick and easy with Genie Power!

It’s amazing how many people wipe something off the floor and throw the cloth straight into the sink where we wash our fruit, salads and vegies before we eat them and where we wash our dishes. The cloths they are using end up full of bacteria and nasty germs that get transferred to our sinks and then the oily dirty residue from everyday use builds up so fast.

A quick clean with Genie Power every day will keep a fresh clean area to work with that will be healthier and cleaner for you and your family and friends.

Depending on how greasy or dirty the sink or basin is you can use:

  • Light (Green) strength,
  • Medium (Blue) strength, or
  • Heavy (Red) Strength
  1. Just spray all over the area to be cleaned
  2. Rub with a dry micro fibre cloth
  3. Rinse clean with warm water
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