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Nicotine Stains

Nicotine Stains

Genie Power removes nicotine stains like nothing else!

WOW! Wait till you see this! No scrubbing necessary! Works like a dream and is so fast you won’t believe your eyes it. Replaces Sugar Soap.

Genie Power is used by Motels, Pubs & Clubs all over Australia. They use it for so many things and definitely to remove nicotine stains off walls, doors and even the foot rest around the bar. The nicotine just dribbles off after spraying with Genie Power.

But be aware, if the wall is stained all over and you clean a small patch you will notice the difference from the uncleaned area and because it’s easy to clean with Genie Power you may want to clean the rest, it will look great!

Use: Medium (Blue) strength

  1. Just simply spray over the Walls or Doors
  2. Quickly wipe nicotine and dirt straight off with your dry or warm dampened blue micro fibre cloth


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