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Soap Scum

Soap Scum

It is really so easy!

I cannot begin to tell you how many cleaners, managers and owners of Motels and Caravan Parks Ring or email me saying "I have been in this business for over 20 years and have NEVER had any cleaner that’s as good as your Genie Power!" or "We use your Genie Power on everything! It’s just amazing stuff!". They are so happy and that makes my day over and over again. That was my vision when I developed Genie Power and the reason why I was so fussy with the ingredients and testing!!!

Use: Heavy (Red) strength

  1. Spray all over the surface whilst moving your hand from left to right with a sweeping motion as you are spraying (a heavy "mist" spray)
  2. Using your Red Microfibre cloth slightly dampened  with water, lightly spread the Genie Power all over the surface this will ensure that no sections will be missed out
  3. Let sit aprox 2-3 minutes then wipe down with the Red Microfibre cloth
  4. Rinse down with shower head
  5. Use a squeege or a dry microfibre cloth give a sparkling finish
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