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Tiles & Grout

Tiles & Grout

Get amazing results using Genie Power to clean Tiles & Grout!

If you have tiled areas in your kitchen, bathroom or toilet you may notice that the most walked on areas are a much different colour to the rest of the tiles and grout along the edges. Well Genie Power can change that without knocking you out like bleach with that lingering smell and taste left in your nose and mouth afterwards, which we all hate.

Use either of these cleaning methods after bringing your tiles and grout back into a nice clean state.

Use: Straight from the 5 Litre bottle of Genie Power Concentrate (undiluted)

  1. Fill a bucket of hot water
  2. Add 2 Pumps (30ml) of Genie Power concentrate
  3. Mop over tiles or grout as normal with


As for wall tiles in a shower.

Use: Heavy (Red) strength

  1. Spray on
  2. Let sit for 1 minute
  3. Wipe over with your Red Microfibre cloth or rinse with the shower head


If tiles and grout are a little dirty.

Use: Heavy (Red) strength

  1. Spray over surface
  2. Let sit for aprox 2-3 Minutes
  3. If necessary, agitate with stiff brush
  4. Then mop over with hot water from a bucket


If the grout is super dirty and ground in you may want to use this method for the very first time

Use: Genie Power (undiluted)

  1. Put a bit of the Genie Power concentrate into a spray bottle - do not add water
  2. Turn the nozzle onto stream
  3. Squirt directly up and down the lines of grout
  4. Let sit aprox 4-5 minutes
  5. Scrub up and down on the grout with a small stiff brush Eg: Nail brush or if you are doing the floor a bristle broom is ideal!
  6. Then rinse off or Mop over with hot water
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