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Vehicle Carpets (Stains)

Vehicle Carpets (Stains)

Genie Power is Fantastic at cleaning carpet in your car!

We have many Car detailers using Genie Power for this when detailing cars they rave about Genie Power and they know their stuff when it comes to cleaning cars!

It works so well and it also removes stains on the car seats.

For fresh stains you must blot up as much liquid as possible with a dry Microfibre cloth then commence as for old or dry stains as below.

Use: Medium (Blue) strength

  1. Spray on and around stained area
  2. Rub back and forth and in circles with the nozzle of the spray bottle or a soft brush - this will break the stain up and lift it into the foam
  3. Blot up with a folded Microfibre cloth - folded thicker is better and push down with pressure while blotting
  4. You may need to use more than one dry microfibre cloth for blotting - depends on the size of the stain
  5. For tough stains, you may need to spray and repeat this process
  6. Give it time to let dry before walking over with dirty shoes
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